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Zenkov cathedral

One of the most unique cathedral buildings not only in Kazakhstan, but in the whole World is located in Panfilov Park. Zenkov Cathedral is a wooden 56-meter church.

Almost all new buildings were erected from wood after a strong earthquake in Almaty in 1887. Zenkov Cathedral, which was built in 1907 from blue Tien Shan fir, was no exception. The cathedral was erected by architect K. A. Borisoglebskiy and engineer A. P. Zenkov, designed by Pavel Gurde. Thanks to the professionalism of these people, the building withstood a 10-magnitude earthquake in1910, the only evidence of which is a crooked cross on one of the domes - all the rest of the building damaged.

The cathedral was built entirely of wooden parts, fastened with iron bolts. And the fact that the building was built without a single nail is just a common myth.

The cathedral is distinguished by bright walls and multi-colored domes, and inside stand out the iconostasis painting and all the interior decoration made in the early twentieth century in the workshops in Moscow and Kiev.

The history of the cathedral began in 1907. It saw a lot like many churches of the Soviet era: worship services were stopped in 1927, and a museum was located herein1929. In the 1930s, there were various organizations, and a radio antenna was installed on the bell tower. In 1976, the first restoration was carried out. Finally, in 1995, the Cathedral was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church, and services were restored.