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Trekking *V. Tereshkova’s peak

• V. Tereshkova’s Peak 
V. Tereshkova’s Peak is located in the Kumbelsu gorge. Its height is 3400 meters. V. Tereshkova’s Peak is popular because from its top overlooks the Big Almaty Lake.

Trekking to V. Tereshkova’s peak – Medeo – Gorelnik  - Titova glacier – Tereshkova’s peak, 1 day, distance 22 km., altitude 1740 m.

From Medeo we go up to the dam, and we drive or walk one and a half kilometers along the road towards Shymbulak. We turn right, behind the huntsman’s house, to the gorge. From the Gorelnik gorge we go to the Titov’s glacier. We turn right and climb the nameless pass under the Kumbeltau peak. There will be a difficult climb of about a kilometer. There is no path in the begining, it will appear when we pass the lowland. We reach the junction of Titov-Tereshkova. We go down to the valley of the Kazachka river. We turn left, bypassing the Kumbeltau massif. We go down the Tereshkova’s ridge. V. Tereshkova’s peak is 3435 meters from Kumbeltau. We go down the serpentine from the pass about three thousand meters and go to the Kazachka river. The pass is behind. Having done a small hook along the talus shores of a snow-clogged stream that flows into the Kazachka on the left, we rise to the lowering in the Tereshkova’s ridge. BAL should be seen from here. We go up to the right of the southeast ridge. The will be large screes in some places. We go another 600-700 meters to the top. There is a flat area for spending the night at the top.
Descent along the ascent path.