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Trekking *Turgen gorge – Batan village – Bear waterfall – Bear gorge – top of the Turgen river –Batan

Turgen gorge - wide and long - is one of the most favorite vacation spots of Almaty residents and residents of the Almaty region. At the entrance stands the figure of the Golden Man, just above is the trout farm. On the road you will go up to the village of Batan, from where you go to the Medvezhiy waterfall about 40 m high on the Karagayli river. A simple trek along the Bear gorge will allow you to get acquainted with the natural landscapes of Zailiyskiy Alatau and the wildlife.
Trekking: Trekking along the Turgen gorge to the village of Batan - farther to the Medvezhiy waterfall - along the gorge of the same name in the top Turgen river - descent to Batan. 3 days, distance 27.6 km, climb 1099 m.

1-st day
 Batan village - Medvezhiy waterfall – Medvezhiy gorge. 5 hours, overnight.

2-nd day
Medvezhiy gorge - descent to the Turgen River. 5 hours, overnight.

3-rd day
Descent along the Turgen river - the village of Batan. 7 o'clock. Back to the city.