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Trekking *Talgarskiy pass – Left Talgar gorge – Tourists’ pass – Big Almaty lake

• Talgar
Left Talgar is the western tributary of the Talgar River. It originates on the northern slope of the Zailiyskiy Alatau ridge. The Left Talgar river is the most full-flowing. It is formed at the confluence of the Constitutia and Tourist glaciers at an altitude of 3,500 meters above sea level, flows in a deep gorge. There are 33 glaciers in its basin, the total area of which is 83 square kilometers. The largest glaciers are located on the head section of its Left Talgar valley.
A cable car will lift you to the Talgar Pass. Down below is the mountain resort "Shymbulak". On the left is the peak of the same name. Past it goes down the path that will lead to the Left Talgar gorge. The path to the Tourist pass through the moraine of the glacier. The ascent is long, as well as the subsequent descent to the foot of the Sovet peak, and then to the lake.

Trekking: Talgar pass - Left Talgar gorge - Tourists pass - BAL, 4 days, distance 41 km, height 4126 m.

1-st day
Talgar Pass - transition to the Left Talgar River. 5 hours, overnight.
After the cable car, we go down the path through the Small Talgar Pass to the Left Talgar Gorge. We pass a small lake and go down to the river. In the south, the circus of the Bogdanovich Glacier, Chkalov Peak and Athletic should be visible. In the east direction from the pass there is a well-trodden path. Fifteen to twenty-minutes’ walk will be Sauruk-Sai stream, which flows from the lower moraine of the Bogdanovich Glacier. Dinner.

2-nd day
Left Talgar River - approach under the Pass of Tourists. 7 hours, overnight.
Awakening. Breakfast. We cross on foot the confluence of the Tourist and Left Talgar rivers (9 km). We go up the gorge. There are no trees around, only steep slopes and snow-capped peaks. Lunch is on the way. We pass the Sunny clearing and the path, go farther to the south along the left bank of the Left Talgar river. Dinner and overnight at the confluence of the Tourists and Left Talgar rivers in tents.

3-rd day
Ascent to the Pass of Tourists - descent to the Big Almaty Lake. 7 o'clock. Return to the city.
We go southwest along the right bank of the Tourist river, which originates from the Tourist Glacier. Soon the green grass will end and we have to walk on the stones of the Glaciers of Tourists. We pass small moraine lakes that formed on the tongue of the Tourists glacier. Then we move to the Tourists pass. From the pass we will see beautiful landscapes of mountains, this is one of the most beautiful places of our journey. The southern ridge of the mountains includes peaks: Soviet Mountaineers 4379 meters above sea level, SSU - Sverdlovsk State University 4522 meters above sea level, Dzerzhinsky 4410 meters above sea level. From the pass we can see the nearby peaks of Zailiyskiy Alatau – Molodoi Gvardii peak 4394 meters above sea level, Sovetov 4317 meters above sea level, Lokomotiv 4128 meters above sea level, Pogrebetskogo 4231 meters above sea level, Tuyuksu 4218 meters above sea level, Ozerniy 4126 meters above sea level seas. We make a circular walk to one of the peaks of the Podkovy Tuyuksu from the the pass, where a picturesque view of the Maloalmatinskiy gorge opens. Lunch is on the way. The descent of the pass to the west along the stream of Tourists in the Kyzylsai tract is steep, but not difficult. Farther along an abandoned road we go to the confluence of the Tourists and Ozernaya rivers. We get down to the BAL. The trek is over.