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Trekking *Sovetov peak

• Sovetov peak 
Sovetov peak is a mountain peak on the northern spur of the Tien Shan ridge Zailiyskiy Alatau. The Sovetov peak is one of the highest peaks. The peak has the correct pyramidal shape, located between the Lokomotiv peak and the pass of the Soviets. Scenic views of Abai peak, Amangeldy peak, Nursultan peak, Talgar peak and Ordzhonikidze peak open from the top of Sovetov peak for many kilometers in fine weather.
This is one of the simplest and most affordable four-thousandths of the Tien Shan. This route is as close as possible to climbing, so you need good physical preparation, but it is quite simple in the climbing sense.
Trekking: BAL- Ozernaya River –Sovetov Peak - BAL, 2 days, distance 22 km., height 1820.

1-st day 
We go to the Big Almaty Lake (1 hour). Getting closer to the top. Big Almaty Lake - Ozernaya River, distance 7 km; 3.5 hours, height 520 m (2500-3020 m). 
The first day's path runs along the left bank of the lake along a dirt road. We go around the lake, go to the house of the hydropost. After the hydropost we get into the last spruce forest. In our mountains trees do not grow higher than 2800 meters above sea level. We pass the rock river of the Triangle peak and go to the vast alpine tract of the Ozernaya river. There we will see green meadows and peaks with glaciers. The highest of them are Alagir, Choibolsan, Ozerniy, Kuderina, Gorodetskiy and the Soviets. The view is impressive.
We set up a camp at an altitude of 3020 m. Dinner.

2-nd day
Climbing to the top. Descent along the path to the camp. Descent from the camp to the Big Almaty Lake along the route of the first day. We go to Almaty (1 hour), distance 15 km; 11 hours, height 1300 m (3020-4317 m).
Early awakening, breakfast. The trek runs along the southern stone slope without a path. We approach it from the west. Climbing stones to the very top can take a long time 5-6 hours (4 km). You will see a picturesque panorama from the top.
Going down the ascent path is 2 times faster.
Lunch, descent to the Big Almaty Lake along the route of the first day.