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Trekking *Skalistiy peak

• Peak Skalistiy 
Peak Skalistiy is located between the Ozerniy and Chukur gorges. The peak is located on the east side of the Big Almaty Lake. The height of the peak is 3450 m. You can get to the Skalistiy Peak by several routes - along the northern ridge, along the western slope, from the Chukur gorge. When you reach the top you will see a wonderful panorama of mountain peaks.

Trekking: Skalistiy peak - 3301 meters along the northern ridge, 1 day, distance 8 km., altitude 1060 m.

The distance to the peak is 3.57 km, trekking is 1060 m. Approximate trek time to the top is 3 hours.
From Almaty we move to the south along Dulati Street by car. Then we go along the road of the Big Almaty Gorge, in the direction to the Big Almaty Lake (BAL). There is an ecological post along the road, we pay an environmental fee, 450 tenge per person, and continue to move.
We reach the Alpine Rose restaurant / hotel, which is on the left of the road at an altitude of 2,271 m above sea level. The trekking begins from this place.
We move to the south along the Chukur gorge, after 1.4 km we turn right to the west and begin to climb the pass 2478 m above sea level. Then we move left to the north and along the ridge. This is a path of the 2-nd category.
The rocky part of the route begins at altitude of 3100 m., where trekking is not easy.  We go around the steep slopes of rocks on the right.
There is a panorama of the peaks of Yunniy Geolog, Tereshkova, Trapecia, Molodezhniy, Sovetov, Ozerniy, Choi Bolsan, Almaty-Alagir, Big Almaty peak from the top. 
Descent along the ascent route.