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Trekking *Mynzhilki

• Mynzhilki
Mynzhilki plateau is located at an altitude of 3000 meters, and the Mynzhilki peak 3550 meters. The peak is located at the narrowing point of the Small Almaty gorge at the Tuyuksu Gate. Myn zhilki translated from Kazakh means a thousand mares, the so-called place for grazing such a large herd. From the top of Mynzhilki there is a beautiful view of the city, Abay peak, Amangeldy peak, Yoshkar-Ola peak, Tuyuksu glacier, Ordzhonikidze peak and Pamyat peak.

Trekking * Mynzhilki, 1 day, 14 kilometers, altitude 1300 meters.

One-day trekking to the Mynzhilki peak starts from the cable car from the high-mountain skating rink Medeo to Shymbulak. Farther 5.7 kilometers trekking. We turn to the west from the road 1.5 km to the Mynzhilki dam and go towards the peak. In the beginning we go along the slope, then along the ridge. A beautiful panorama opens from the peak. At the request of travelers, you can go to the peak of Tuyuksu Gate at altitude of 3455 meters.