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Trekking * Kim-Assar

• Kim-Assar Gorge
Kim Assar gorge is located in the mountains of the Zailiyskiy Alatau several kilometers from the high-mountain skating rink Medeo. People sometimes call it Komissarovskoye / Kimasarovskoye. The gorge extends 6 kilometers in length. This place is popular among locals and tourists for its diverse mountain routs. When trekking along the Kim-Assar mountain gorge, you can see beautiful mountain landscapes and the edelweiss flower – a symbol of mountains.

Trekking * Kim-Assar, 1 day, distance 8 kilometers, altitude 1300 m.

Trekking starts from the road before the car park of the Medeo ice rink. The asphalt road with a slight rise goes east along the Kim-Assar river. After one and a half kilometers we turn to the south. Asphalt ends and changes to a dirt road, the road goes to the left bank. The road goes back to the right bank afrer the second bridge - 300 meters. From here we turn right and follow a well-trodden path along the river. The gorge narrows and turns to the left, then expands and changes direction to the right. This path will lead us to a wide meadow. In the middle of the meadow turn left. Moving to the north, we go up to a low ridge. We stop there. To the south of us below is the Kim Assar gorge, and above the meadow from which we come is the Furmanovka Mount, in the northwest you can see the city, in the east - the Kim Assar ridge. There is the place Kacheli (Swing) in an hour's walk up the ridge, where you can take unusual photos. In the upper part of the gorge at the foot of the Furmanov peak you can set up a camp and stay overnight.
We start our descent from the place of stop. The path from the ridge goes to the right, to the northeast, then it becomes flat and turns west. Farther the path runs through the orchard, pine forest and leads us to the ascent road.