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Trekking  *Japanese road

• Japanese road
Japanese road is a mountain serpentine that was built in the Alma-Arasan gorge in the 30-40-s of the XX century by Japanese prisoners of war. They made tunnels for city water pipes in the mountains and built cascades of the Almaty Hydroelectric Power Station.
The Japanese road is one of the closest to the city mountain routes. With a height difference of about 600 m. and picturesque landscapes on the mountains of Zailiysky Alatau and the city of Almaty.

This trek is accessible to everyone - the road is wide enough to go with a company. The road is in the Big Almaty Gorge. It begins in the area of ​​apple orchards, right just behind the barrier of the ecological post and ends just above the famous Three Bears. At the beginning of the road is very steep. But then it’s easy to go. The path lies through the gorge with apple and apricot trees, magnificent spruce trees, mountain springs. If you visit it in the spring you will enjoy the aroma and view of flowering trees, and if you visit it in the autumn you can taste the harvest of its trees. It will take about three hours to go around the surroundings.