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Trekking *Issyk lake – Akkol lake – Muzkol lake – Issyk lake

• Issyk gorge
This trekking will allow you to see three lakes. The Issyk gorge in 1963 was destroyed by a catastrophic mudflow, after which the navigable Issyk Lake significantly decreased in size. An asphalt road leads from the city of Issyk directly to the shore. From here along the most beautiful gorge we rise to the zone of alpine meadows, and then to the highlands to the shores of Akkol Lake, and then to Muzkol Lake. Issyk is of dam origin, but Akkol and Muzkol are lakes of moraine origin. They are located in the area of ​​Talgar peak (5017 m) - the highest peak of the  Zailiyskiy Alatau.
Trekking: Issyk Lake - Akkol Lake - Muzkol Lake - Issyk Lake, distance 39 km, altitude 1700 m.

1-st day

Issyk Lake - crossing. 6 hours, overnight.

2-nd day
Crossing - Akkol Lake. 7 hours, overnight.

3-rd day
Trekking to Muzkol Lake - descent to the crossing. 8 hours, overnight.

4-th day
Descent to Issyk Lake. 6 o'clock.