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Trekking *Gorelnik gorge -Titov’s lake – Kumbel peak

Trekking: Medeo - Gorelnik - Titov's Lake - Zakumbelie Pass - Zakumbelie Gorge - Three Brothers - Kok-Zhailau - Kamenskoe Plateau, 3 days, 19 km distance, height 1859 m.

1-st day
Gorelnik Gorge - Titov's Lake, 5 hours, overnight in a clearing below the lake.
We go to the Medeo ice rink from Almaty. Then by minibus (ticket price is 500 tenge per person) or by taxi, price is 2000 tenge, we go to Gorelnik, which is about 1, 5 km. from Medeo. Next we start moving along the path along the gorge.

2-nd day
Titov's Lake - Zakumbelie Pass - Zakumbelie Gorge, 4 hours.
From overnight stop we start moving down the Gorelnik gorge, then we traverse to the Zakumbelie pass. There you can leave backpacks and climb to the top of Zakumbelie (about one hour of walking). Then we go down from the pass about 1-2 hours, and after it we go along the gorge of the Kumbelsu river. And again we go down to the 2nd overnight stop on a good clearing near large stones, on which it is easy to climb.

3-rd day
Zakumbelje Gorge - Three Brothers - Kok-Zhailau - Kamenskoe Plateau, 5 hours.
From the overnight stop we begin to move on the right side of the gorge and go to the ridge of the Kumbel peak, near the Three Brothers. Then we go down to Kok-Zhailau along a good path. From Kok-Zhailau we move to the North through the peak in the direction of the Kamenskiy Plateau. This is the end of the trekking.

Those who want to get a detailed Google Trek leave a request.