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Trekking *Cosmostancia-Mramorniy pass – Big Almaty peak – Big Almaty lake

• Big Almaty peak
The Big Almaty peak is a pyramidal peak that can be clearly seen from almost anywhere in the city in sunny weather. It is located 15 kilometers from the city of Almaty. The height of the peak is 3680 meters. Big Almaty peak is a mountain peak of the northern slope of the Tien Shan ridge of ZailiyskIy Alatau. It is located in the mountain spur of the Almaty-Alagir massif northwards to the Tourist peak. To the east of it is the Big Almaty Lake, to the west - the Alma-Arasan gorge, along which the Prokhodnaya river flows. There is the Tien Shan Astronomical Observatory on its slopes. There is a meteorological station and a space station in the south of the peak on the Dzhusaly-Kezen pass. 

Trekking: Cosmostancia - Marble pass - Big Almaty peak - descent along the ascent path - BAL, 10 hours, climb 350 m.
We go by bus to the mountains. We reach the barrier of the border post. We pass the verification of documents. We continue the path up the serpentine. We stop before reaching the Cosmostancia.
We trek to the Cosmostancia. Then we begin the ascent from the Cosmostancia to the Big Almaty Peak.
After arrival to the Big Almaty peak (3,680 meters) we take photos, enjoy the panorama, have a meal.
We start descent to the bus.