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Trekking *Bukreev’s peak

• Bukreev’s peak 
The Bukreev’s peak is the peak of the Zailiyskiy Alatau. It is located at altitude 3010 meters above sea level. There is a beautiful panorama of the city, mountains and, in particular, Talgar peak (5017 m.) from the peak. The peak is named after Anatoly Bukreev - a famous climber in Kazakhstan.
There are several trekking routes to Bukreev’s peak, this one-day route runs through the Kim Asar gorge. This route is quite interesting and easy.

Trekking * Bukreev’s peak, 17 km, 1 day, altitude 1300 m.

This trekking starts from the Medeo skating-rink. We go on the right side of the road about 50 m. down to the road that goes right and up into the mountains. We turn on this road, and climb 1 km until the asphalt road is over. On the right side along the road along a concrete channel a river flows.  There are benches for rest along this part of the way. At the end of the asphalt road, on the left you will see several houses behind a high fence. We go right along the road past these houses. Then we cross the bridge and move up the path. We trek past the Swing, to the meadow at the foot of Furmanovka peak. We go through the meadow, and the traverse leads to Butakovskiy pass. And further along the ridge or traverse we go to the top. Having reached the top of Bukreev peak, you will see the majestic peaks of Talgar and Maloalmatinsky gorges: Nursultan peak, Fizkulturnik’s peak and Til glacier. You will stay there for an hour to relax, eat and enjoy the views from the top.
Descent from the top along the ascent route.