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You will visit:

•  Tamgaly-Tas 
 Tamgaly-Tas is a gorge near the Ili River, located 120 km. to the north of the city of Almaty. There are a lot of petroglyphs, images of mysterious deities, late Buddhist inscriptions on the rocks of Tamgaly-Tas. There are about a thousand rock drawings, the most famous of which are Buddha images. In addition to Buddhist drawings and inscriptions there is a stone with ancient Türkic runic inscriptions of the VII-th - IX-th centuries that were supposedly made by Kipchaks. Now Tamgaly-Tas as a cultural monument is under the protection of the Government of Kazakhstan. And also it is an open-air Buddhist temple.
 Your journey
 Choosing this tour, you will have an exciting one-day trip to the natural monument of Kazakh culture under the open air. You can see a huge number of petroglyphs, rock drawings of mysterious gods and Buddhist inscriptions, as well as a stone with carved runic inscriptions of Kipchaks dating back to the VIII-th century.
 Tour details
 • Duration - 1 day;
 •  when to visit - April, May, September, October;
 •  Tamgaly-Tas is 120 km. far from Almaty;
 •  transport - comfortable bus/ car;
 • Important information:
 •  wear comfortable clothes and shoes;
 •  take sunglasses, sun protection cream.
 •  Tour inclusions:
 •  transfer on the route;
 •  eco fees to national parks;
 •  the stories and services of a guide;
 •  services of a photographer.

 You will start your trip from the city center of Almaty. On your way to Tamgaly-Tas petroglyphs you can see the Kapchagai Sea formed as a result of dam construction for a hydropower station on the Ili River 
 Driving through the city of Kapchagay, travelers also can see “Kazakhstani Las Vegas” with a huge number of palaces of various architectural styles used as casinos.
 Then you will get to one of the largest rivers of our region - the Ili River.
 On the right bank of the Ili river, in the Tamgaly-Tas Gorge, travelers can see rock paintings relating to Buddha times. On the other side of the river you can see the medieval fortress, specially built by the company “Kazakhfilm”.  There was made a film about the opposition of the Kazakhs to the Dzungar invasions. This fortress was filmed many more times later in other films about the times of nomads.