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 • A ski tour is a type of outdoor activity, which is the passage of routes on special skis over rough terrain with ascents and descents. This is a combination of a mountain and a regular hiking ski trip. A ski tour allows you to ski on slopes that cannot be reached by lift. The entire route is covered by skiing and walking. Skis for such a trip have a special mechanism - a camus, which prevents slipping of the foot and special fastenings that prevent the heel from coming off the ski when climbing uphill. We organize various ski tours in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. 

One-day tour in Shymbulak

Shymbulak is a Kazakhstani ski resort not far from Almaty.

The ski resort is located on the territory of Ile-Alatau national park at the altitude 2000-2500 meters ….

Tree-day ski tour Turgen-Assy

Turgen – Batan – Observatory – Assy gorge – Bartorgai water reservoir, 3 days, distance – 69, 2 km., height – 1589 meters …

Ski tour Almaty-Alagir

You can start your ski tour from northern-western ridge from Ozerniy gorge. Or from Prokhodnoiye gorge. …

Ski tour in Karkara, Kyrgyzstan

This nine-day tour will give you opportunity to feel mountain spirit of Kyrgyzstan. For those who wants to experience hospitality and culture of Kygyz people we can arrange hand-made yourtas (Kyrgyz national house) …