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Trekking Alma-Arasan – Alma-Arasan gorge – Almaty-Alagir pass – Big Almaty lake

In the Alma Arasan gorge, hot hydrogen sulfide water springs hit from the ground. According to legend, once the warriors of Tamerlane were healed from wounds, and during the Great Patriotic War a hospital was organized for the wounded Soviet soldiers and officers in these places. The path goes up with a small climb, and at the bottom of the gorge the Prokhodnaya River flows. Ascent to Almaty Alagir pass (3500 m) is not difficult, and the descent to the Big Almaty Lake passes through beautiful places. 

1-st day
Sanatorium Alma-Arasan - Alma-Arasan gorge, 4 hours, overnight.
The trek from the sanatorium Alma-Arasan up the Alma-Arasan gorge along the Prokhodnaya river.

2-nd day
Alma-Arasan gorge - under the Almaty-Alagir pass, 5 hours, overnight.
Alma-Arasan gorge - trek under the Almaty-Alagir pass

3-rd day
Almaty-Alagir pass - BAL, 7 hours.

Almaty Alagir pass - Big Almaty Lake. Back to the city