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Right Talgar Ecopath

A panorama of the gorge opens from the dam above the city of Talgar. The bottom of the gorge is strewn with stones. The Talgar river is formed by the confluence of the Left Talgar and Right Talgar rivers. The deep and narrow gorge of Right Talgar stretches for 19 kilometers. The northern slopes of the gorge are covered with dense spruce forest, and the southern bushes are meadow-steppe vegetation. The Right Talgar has three tributaries: a stream flows into it from the Monakhov’s gorge, located in the New Spur, the Sredniy Talgar river, and a small stream that flows from the Zhuman Mountains, originating on the slopes of Kyzymshek peak.

 The length of the right Talgar ecological path is 10.5 kilometers. One of the routes is called “Three Water Lilies”. In this direction, tourists go along a picturesque path until they find themselves at a waterfall. Another path leads to Monakhovo gorge, which is also locked by a waterfall. This journey begins with the Holy Meadow - psychics say that there is a canal connecting the earth and space in this place.  Here you can meet healers and seers who come to the meadow to get with energy.

According to legend, hermit monks lived in the gorge. The tour ends in a rocky place, where water falls in two cascades at a height. At this point, the rocks converge so that they form overhanging cornices.
 There is a lot of wild apricot, hawthorn, apple trees, barberry and raspberries. There are badger, roe deer, marten out of the animals and out of birds - cuckoo, oriole, magpie, black-headed remez and others, and blue bird nests in the rocks near the river.