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Park of the first President

Park of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan was opened in July 2010. The dendropark is located at the intersection of Navoi Street and Al-Farabi Avenue in Bostandykiy District, on the territory of the former apple orchards. The decision to build the park was made in 2001.
The opening of the sculptural composition “Kazakhstan”, with the image of the figure of the First President was held on November 11, 2011.

The territory of the park occupies about 54 thousand hectares - it is 12,000 trees, among which there are 3,000 conifers. There is poplar, elm, oak, chestnut and other greenery in the park. The first President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, planted an oak tree there in 2001.

Visitors can see a semicircular arcade consisting of decorative columns with a fountain in front of it at the entrance of the park. There is a singing fountain, which is one of the attractions of the park, behind the entrance.

A little farther in the park you can find monuments, fragrant pink flower beds, themed corners and viewing platforms, from where an incredible view of the city opens. The park often hosts apple festivals and fairs.