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Old center

The “Golden Square” was the name of the housing urban area in Almaty including Zheltoksan, Kabanbay Batyr and Kunaev Streets (former Mira, Kirov and Karl Marx Streets) and up to Abay Avenue. This area still remains elite.

A small Tulebaev street, located right in the center of the historical “golden square”, was the ultimate dream of any Almaty citizen in Soviet times. Previously, it was impossible to buy apartments in this area: they were given out only for special merits to science, culture, and art workers. This area is notable for the fact that the filming of some locations of the legendary Rashid Nugmanov film “Needle” took place exactly on the “Tulebayka” avenue. The final scene with Viktor Tsoi was captured here. Today there are granite boards with lyrics of a cult musician on this place. The only monument in the world of the rock singer in full growth appeared here on his birthday (June 21).