58 Navoi St., Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Nature Museum of Almaty Reserve

The Nature Museum was created in the Almaty Nature Reserve in 1967. It is located in the city of Talgar, where you can see many exhibits - stuffed animals, birds, invertebrates, reptiles, plants, mushrooms, mosses and lichens. They say that the stuffed leopard was made by a specialist when the beast himself came to a man before his death.

According to scientific data, 960 species of higher vascular plants are found in the reserve. Snow leopard, Tien Shan brown bear, stone marten, Turkestan lynx out of thirty-nine species of the reserve mammals are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. Shahin, sickle-beak, golden eagle, bearded vulture, kumai, etc. out of hundred seventy-seven species of its birds are in the Red Book The main task of the reserve’s employees is to preserve and study the natural complexes of Zailiyskiy Alatau, as well as ecological environmental education.

The museum holds thematic lectures on nature study, biology, ecology and nature conservation. Scientific, educational and ecological excursions along the ecological paths of the reserve are one of the most exciting and useful activities for mind and health.