58 Navoi St., Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan hotel

The Kazakhstan hotel is depicted on postcards with the sights of Almaty. In 2011 it was on a five thousandth note of tenge. The Kazakhstan hotel is one of the main symbols of the apple city. The building became a cult soon after its construction: in Soviet times, even made lamps that resembled the building of the hotel. It was a very large-scale architectural project of the 70s. It remained the most high-rise building in Almaty until 2008. The building is recognized as an architectural monument and entered in the register of republican values ​​in 1979. It has 26 floors and 102 meters high. The hotel is considered the most seismic-resistant object, as it can withstand an earthquake of up to 10 on the Richter scale. It is curious that the building’s business card - the crown at the very top - was not even originally planned. This design was made in order to hide the small roughness of the roof. One time there was located the largest casino in the city. There are magnificent views of snowy peaks of the Zailiyskiy Alatau from the windows of the hotel.