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Heavenly mountains (Khan Tengry)

Neighbouring with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains. About 90 percent of the entire territory is mountainous terrain from 1,500 m above sea level to 7,439 m - the height of Pobeda Peak. This peak, located in the Kokshaal-Too ridge, dominates the mountain country of the Tien Shan, spreading over 3,500 km on the Eurasian continent. The ranges of the Heavenly Mountains, as their name is translated into Russian, rise in the vastness of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and China.
The Khan-Tengri peak with a height of 7010 m is located in the Tengri-Tag ridge. These two seven-thousanders attract the attention of many people, who in love with mountains, in all corners of the planet. Climbing these peaks is a part of the prestigious mountaineer program - Snow Leopard, which includes climbing five peaks above 7000 m in the CIS. You can get to the heart of the Heavenly Mountains through the Kyrgyz company Ak Sai Travel.

There are not many geographical points on the globe which names have been preserved since antiquity. One of them is the Khan-Tengri peak, the lord of heaven, the lord of spirits. The people of surrounding valleys call it Kant-Too, or “Bloody Mountain”. At sunset, the top, created of marbles, turns orange-crimson. According to legend, spirits light a fire in inaccessible heavens, and running clouds create the illusion of the movement of light and shadow on a snowy peak.

The ancient Türks were Tengrians. They worshiped nature, and the Tengri cult is a cult of the heavenly Master Spirit. Tengri Khan was revered as the sole creator of the world. People believed that he was very big. It reflected his cosmic scale, and the title “khan” indicated his