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Climbing *Pioner peak

• Pioneer Peak
The Pioneer peak is the peak in the Maloalmatinskiy gorge. The height of the peak is 4031 meters above sea level. From the top you can see the Komsomol peak, the Amangeldy’s peak, the Abai peak, the Bogdanovich glacier, the Ordzhonikidze peak, the M. Mametova’s peak.

Climbing the Pioneer peak, 1 day, climb 1630 m.

This route of 1 B difficulty category requires initial climbing skills and the ability to work with special equipment on a rocky terrain. It is available at any time of the year.
We begin the route by climbing to the Tuyuk-Su tract. Then we go through the weather station Mynzhilki to Alpingrad. Farther we pass to the Pionerskiy pass through the moraine of the M. Mametova glacier. We begin to climb to the top of the Pioneer peak from this place. We go along the scree and farrther along the simple rocks to the top, moving along the ropes fixed by the guides.