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Climbing *Pila peak

• Pila Peak 
Pila Peak is located in Alma-Arasan gorge. The peak height is 3976 meters. It resembles a saw in its form (pila). From the top you can see the city and peaks of Almatinskiy, Turist, Alma-Arasan, Karnizniy. The rocky ridge is not complicated, but requires the use of climbing piton-belay.

Climbing Pila Peak, 1 day, height 1100 m.

The route starts from the former Alma-Arasan resort. We pass the coniferous forest zone, bypass the north-eastern ridge, that is going from the top. Then we turn left. At the beginning we go up from the Prokhodnaya river along a grassy slope, and then along a steep scree. Having reached the foot of the north-eastern ridge, we climb to it from the eastern side. Here the surface of the rocks is very destroyed, but according to the technique of climbing, they are easy. The pre-peak part of the route is the most difficult. There are large acute-angled rocky peaks with steep slopes, so you need to be attentive with piton-belay. The top is a tower that breaks off in the north by a sheer wall.
Descent along the ascent route.