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Climbing *Ozerniy peak

• Ozerniy Peak 
The height of the Ozerniy peak is 4131 meters. The peak is located in the Big Almaty gorge, the Ozerniy tract. The peak is located five kilometers far from the Big Almaty Lake (above) and it closes the Ozerniy gorge. You can see the Sovetov, Legostaev, Choibolsan, Molodaya Gvardiya peaks and the Kungei Alatau ridge from the top.

Climbing Ozerny peak, 3 days, distance 30 km, altitude +1690 m.
This mountain climbing route is 1 A category of difficulty. We don’t need special equipment.

1-st day
BAO - Ozernaya river - Kyzylsay river, 9.5 km, 5 hours, altitude +730 m.
The route starts from the Big Almaty Lake, where we get by car. We begin the ascent along a dirt road along the left bank of the lake. We go around the lake and pass the gauging station. Then we go through the spruce forest. There will be no more trees at altitude above 2800 meters. After the rocky corner bank of the Treugolnik peak, there will be seen a wide tract of the Ozernaya river, and then glaciers of the peaks of Alagir, Choibolsan, Ozerniy, Kuderina, Gorodetskiy and Sovetov. Then we go to the confluence of the three rivers Ozernaya, Kyzylsay and Gorodetskiy. There may flow red, yellow, and white water when glaciers are actively melting in summer.
Camping at altitude of 3170 m. Dinner.

2-nd day
Ozerniy pass - the eastern ridge of the Ozerniy peak - the top of the Ozerniy peak - Return to the camp, 11 km, 7-8 hours, altitude +960 m.
Awaking. Breakfast. We go to the Ozerniy pass about an hour. Then before reaching the pass, we go along the eastern ridge of the peak and climb it to the top. It takes about three hours. The angle of climbing is not steep. When we reach the top we will see Kungei Alatau (behind it is the Issyk-Kul Lake), the peaks of Karniznaya, Molodaya Gvrdiya, Sovetov and others.
Descent to the camp along the ascent path. Dinner. Overnight.

3-rd day
Return from the camp to BAL, 9.5 km, 3.5 hours
Awakening. Breakfast. Descent to BAO along the first day route.