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Climbing *Karnizniy peak

• Karnizniy Peak
The height of the peak Karnizniy is 4075 meters. The peak is located in the Big Almaty tract. The peak is 6 kilometers above the Big Almaty Lake in the vicinity of the Almaty-Alagir pass. There is a spectacular panorama of the nearby peaks Turist, Sovetov, Molodaya Gvardiya, Turan, Almaty-Alagir, Gigant from the top of the peak.

Climbing Karnizniy peak, 3 days, distance 38 km, climb +2350 m.
The difficulty category of the route is 1A. Special equipment is not needed.

1-st day
Alma-Arasan Sanatorium - Prokhodnoye Gorge – Devichie Slezy Waterfall - Bolshoy Iguzek Canyon - Terra Meadow - Alyoshkin Bridge, 8 km, 5 hours, altitude +1000 meters.
Within 30-40 minutes we get to the sanatorium Alma-Arasan. We start the rout from the Prokhodnoye gorge. First we go pass the waterfall. Farther along the steep climb we go up a pine and birch grove. Farther the path becomes flat. We overcome the Big Iguzek canyon, a coniferous forest. The path leads us down, we go to the river and cross a small bridge. Next, we climb the mountain slope to the Terra meadow. There we will see a small lake formed by an underground spring. About 30 minutes we climb the path to the next bridge. This bridge was built here in 1987 in memory of the tourist Alyosha Molchanov, who died in this place.
Camp at altitude of 2750 m. Dinner. 

2-nd day
Groundhog Meadow - Alpine meadows natural boundary - Alagir river - Almaty pass - Alagir - Mount Karniznaya, 22 km; 11 hours, altitude + 1350 m.
Awakening. Breakfast. Climbing to this peak is characterized by a gentle relief and overcoming a long distance. We cross the bridge over the Prokhodnaya river and climb through the Groundhog up the gorge. We go up five and a half kilometers to the confluence of the rivers Prokhodnaya and Alagir. We rise along the Alagir river. We go to the east in the direction of the Almaty-Alagir pass. Near a small lake in the lowland we make a stop. We have 1,5-2 hours to reach the top climbing on a gentle slope. There will be large stones on the way. The top is flat and wide.
Descent along the ascent path to the camp near the Alyoshkin bridge. Dinner.

3-rd day
Awakening. Breakfast. Descent along the route of the first day to the sanatorium Alma-Arasan, 8 km., 3 hours.