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Climbing *Furmanov’s peak

• Furmanov’s Peak 
Furmanov’s peak, 3053 meters high, is one of the most popular peaks among tourists. It closes the Kim-Assar gorge. You can see a magnificent view of the highest point - the peak of Talgar (4973 meters), as well as the mountains of the Left Talgar from the Furmanov’s peak. The mountain is crowned by two hills, 50 meters far from each other. There are also built cairns at the top.

Climbing Furmanov’s peak, 1 day, distance 14 km., height 1400 m.

This route starts from Medeo and runs along the ridge on the left side of the Kim-Assar gorge.
We go through the forest, then we go out into the meadow. We pass through a place called Kacheli/ Swing. There you can swing, in winter - ski and snowboard, make good photos. Then we only have 30 minutes to the foot of the Furmanov’ peak.
The climb to the top is steep. After climbing this peak, you can continue the route to the Panorama peak (3200 m.).
From the Panorama peak you will see a beautiful view not only of Almaty, but also of the surrounding mountains: Nursultan peak, Talgar peak and Left Talgar gorge. If you finish climbing Panorama earlier, you can go to the peaks of Bashut and Shymbulak. And then go down to the Big Talgar Pass and go down by cable car to Shymbulak.