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  You will visit:

• Charyn Canyon
The canyon is located 195 km.
  east of Alma-Ata. The Charyn Canyon is part of the territory of the Charyn National Park. The Charyn Canyon is a natural monument made up of sedimentary rocks, whose age is about 12 million years. 

About the tour
By choosing this tour you will make a fantastic journey to one of the most unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan - Charyn Canyon. Historically, the canyon of the Charyn River was formed at the same time as the world-famous Grand Canyon of Colorado in the USA.
The Charyn Canyon, which has existed for more than 12 million years, makes an indelible impression with its magnificence. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the panorama of the canyon and touch the mysterious structures of the Valley of Castles and Witches, created by nature itself.

Tour details
• Duration - 1 day;
• what time of year to visit - April-October;
• Charyn Canyon is 200 km away. from Almaty;
• type of transport – comfortable bus/car;
• Important information
• put on comfortable clothes and shoes according to the season;
• take sunglasses, sunscreen
• The price of the tour includes:
• transfer to Charyn canyon and back;
• guide services;
• photographers Service.

Tour program
Having gone on this tour in 3 hours, you will overcome a 200-kilometer path.
  On the way, you will get acquainted with the history and nature of this wonderful region, learn a lot about the people of Kazakhstan, their life and traditions, and also have lunch at a local cafe. 
Upon arrival in the Charyn Canyon, you will forget the long journey, because the Charyn Canyon will amaze you with its beauty. You can admire its grandiose panorama and walk through the labyrinth of the Valley of Castles, which is the most interesting place for tourists. Its length is about 2 kilometers, width - 20-80 meters, and depth up to 200 meters. Under the influence of millennial processes of weathering of sedimentary rocks, peculiar forms of relief were formed - remnants in the form of pillars, giant columns, towers, chapels. For Kazakh tourists, the Charyn Canyon is one of the most exotic vacation spots.
  Every traveler visiting the Charyn Canyon should turn on all his imagination while in the Valley of Castles and Witches and keep it until the end of an unforgettable trip.
Walking along the canyon, especially along the bottom, everyone has the opportunity to see the different layers of sedimentary rocks of Marl, formed more than 300 million years ago, and even solidified magma. Here there are bushes of yellow acacia, tamarisk, saxaul, turanga and ephedra, and from animals - mountain partridge, gerbil, hare.


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