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Central stadium

The Central Stadium of Almaty is a unique sports facility that covers an area of ​​over 10 hectares. It was built in 1955-1967. The first stage - a large sports arena with stands for 30,000 seats, track and field paths and sectors was constructed in August 1958. Later, a winter training arena and sports grounds were built.

The Central Stadium includes the Big Arena (football fields, jogging tracks, sports sectors), as well as specialized sports halls - boxing, wrestling, fencing, a sports ground with an artificial grass lawn. There are also various schools of higher sportsmanship based at the stadium.
In 1997, the stadium experienced its rebirth. There was a complete reconstruction of the waterproof coating, treadmills. Old wooden seats were replaced on new plastic seats (23 804 seats). A new electronic scoreboard has been installed. The size of the field is 105 x 68 m. 

Scenes shot at the Central Stadium of Almaty are kept in the archive of film and photo documents and sound records. Athletes were running here, and among them was the first envoy of the Kazakh SSR to the Summer Olympic Games in Melbourne, Alexander Kadayikin. Kairat football team was playing, and the stands were roaring, supporting their favorite team. In winter, the field was flooded with water, and skating competitions were held at the rink. 

Nowadays football matches are held here (UEFA 4kat.), athletes set their records. Olga Shishigina, Olympic champion of Sydney, many times defended the title of champion of Kazakhstan on the treadmill of the legendary stadium.