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Big Almaty lake

You will visit:

• Big Almaty Lake
 Big Almaty Lake is a high-mountain reservoir located in Zailiysky Alatau at an altitude of 2511 meters above sea level, 15 km south of the center of Almaty.

• Ayusai River Falls
   The Ayusai River waterfalls are located on the left tributary of the Big Almatinka River, which flows along granite ledges and forms cascades of waterfalls of different heights.

• Falcon farm Sunkar
   The only Kazakhstani Falcon Center "Sunkar" is located 7 kilometers from Almaty in the Big Almaty gorge in the foothills of the Zailiyskiy Alatau, on the territory of the Ile-Alatau National Park.
 Your journey
   Choosing this tour you will make a wonderful trip to a mountain lake. BAL is a great place to rest from the city noise, smog and stuffiness. You can walk around the lake and up the gorge, enjoy the cool mountain air and picturesque landscapes.
Tour details
 Duration – 1 day
 When to visit – April-October;
 BAL is 28 km from Almaty;
 Transportation – comfortable bus/car.
 Important information:
 Please, wear comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes;
 Take sunglasses, sunscreen. 
 Tour fee includes:
 transfer to BAL and back;
 services of a guide;
 services of a photographer (optional).

From the city center of Almaty you will go to the beautiful Big Almaty Lake in the mountains. The lake is located at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level in the Big Almaty Gorge. It provides drinking water for the city. It was formed more than ten thousand years ago by a landslide after an earthquake. The most picturesque road among the slopes of the Northern Tien Shan, covered with beautiful blue spruce trees, zigzags up along the Bolshaya Almatinka river to the lake.

The color of the water of the lake, formed by melting glaciers, varies surprisingly quickly from light green to bright blue. It depends on the lighting of the sun and the clouds that are rapidly being blown by the wind.

You can get to the lake by transport in 1 hour and 20 minutes. In the beginning you will take walks around the lake and up the gorge, enjoy the cool mountain air and picturesque landscapes. Then you will visit two cascading waterfalls in the “Ayu-Sai” gorge, inhabited by the Tien-Shan bears, as well as the unusual beauty of the “Crystal” waterfall (“Girl's Tears”), which in its form resembles transparent tears rolling down from huge rocks.

Further, at 2,750 meters above sea level, there is the Tien Shan Astronomical Observatory with a fabulous view of domes with optical instruments against a background of mountains.
At an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level on the Zhusaly-Kezen pass, tourists can visit the Tien Shan high-altitude scientific station, known as the “Cosmostansia”.

You can also make an easy climb on the Almaty peak from the pass, which does not require much climbing experience.

Almaty peak attracts all residents and guests of our city with its amazing geometrically regular form of the Egyptian pyramid.

On the way back to the city, you will visit Falcon Farm, where you will find an exciting show with specially trained hawks - hunting with them was one of the most unique features of the ancient Kazakhs life style.