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 You will visit:Bartogai
 Bartogaiskiy water reservoir is located 186 kilometers far from the city of Almaty in Enbekshikazakhskiy district of Almaty region on the Chilik river. Its length from north to south is 6 km, width is 3 km, average depth is 25 m. Sazan, crucian, carp and trout live in the waters of the Bartogayskiy water reservoir.
 Your journey
 Choosing this tour you will have a day trip to the impressive Bartogaiskiy water reservoir. You can easily travel there with children. You can take a break from the city bustle and stuffiness to enjoy the fresh air, picturesque landscapes, see the unique river fountain and just go fishing in the summer.
Tour details
• Duration - 1 day;
• when to visit - May-October;
• Bartogay is located 186 km. from Almaty;
• transport - comfortable bus / car;
• Important information:
• wear comfortable clothing and shoes;
• take sunglasses, sunscreen
• Tour inclusions:
• transfer to Bartorgai and back;
• the stories ans services of a guide;
• services of a photographer.

 From the city center of Almaty you will go on a one-day trip to the Bartogaiskiy water reservoir, where you can have a great time. On the way to the water reservoir from the window you will see many beautiful landscapes. The water reservoir is located in the Bartogai gorge, at the banks of the Chilik river, between the Soghetta and Toraigyr mountains. This reservoir was built to store meltwater in winter and to use it for fields irrigation through a 160-km special canal in the summer.
 After admiring the wonderful landscape and resting on the shore, you can pass the tunnel, made through the rock inside of the mountain to two unique fountains. They pull out of the rock under great pressure and with loud roar upwards. This view of colliding streams, that form a myriad of splashes and rainbows, will give you a lot of vivid impressions. This is the influx of water from the Chilik river, which occurs from June to September.
 Here you can have a small picnic, relax in the shade of a small grove, take a lot of beautiful photos or go fishing and forget about the city bustle.