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Arbat (Panfilov street)

Today, the Panfilov pedestrian street paves the way from the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abai to Arbat. On a hot day, you can hide in the shadows of the avenues, meet friends at the weekends at summer cafes. There are futuristic playgrounds for kids. The street lies in the historic center, so walking, you can not notice how you find yourself in the area of ​​the old city.

Nowadays it also changed. Instead of canvases by street artists - paved paths and slender rows of benches. At the weekends there is a fair of craftsmen. In the 90s, people went there to buy audio tapes with records of favorite groups, young rockers and punks spent time with their guitars, homebrew poets and artists painted pictures and verses, so there was very active life. Today there are no music kiosks here, but otherwise everything is the same: here the creative spirit reigns. It is so attractive for both locals and visitors of the city.