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 You will visit:

• Altyn-Emel National Park 
 The State National Nature Park Altyn-Emel is located in the valley of the Ili River in Almaty Region. There are unique natural complexes, rare, endangered and especially valuable species of flora and fauna on the territory of the park 
• Kapchagai water reservoir
 Kapchagai water reservoir is one of the largest water reservoirs in Kazakhstan. This is one of the most visited places in the Almaty region during the summer holidays.

• Singing sand dune
 The singing sand dune is a mountain of light-colour sand, up to 3 km long and 150 m high. It is located on the territory of the Altyn-Emel National Park. The singing sand dune is famous for the fact that in dry weather, the sands make a sound that is similar to the melody of a loud organ.

• Aktau Mountains
 The Aktau mountains are ocean sediments compressed over millions of years. Its height is up to 1000 meters. The mountains are called white for the predominant color of sedimentary rocks, but the clays painted the slopes in a variety of colors.

• Katautau Mountains
 The Katautau Mountains are located on the site of two huge volcanoes that stood here in the Permian period about 240 million years ago. The landscape of the Katutau Mountains resembles a lifeless Martian landscape.

• Charyn canyon
 The Charyn Canyon is a natural monument, built of sedimentary rocks, which are about 12 million years old.
 Your journey
 Choosing this tour you will make an unforgettable three-day trip to the state national natural park Altyn-Emel. You can get acquainted with the unique flora and fauna of the national park, enjoy the scenery of the Singing sand dune, the picturesque mountains of Aktau and Katautau, see one of the largest water reservoirs of Kazakhstan, as well as visit the Charyn Canyon.
 Tour details
 Duration - 3 days;
 when to visit - April, May, September, October;
 Altyn-Emel Park is 255 km. far from Almaty;
 transport - comfortable bus / car;
 Important information:
 wear comfortable clothes and shoes;
 take sunglasses, sun protection cream.
 Tour inclusions:
 transfer on the route;
 hotel accommodation;
 eco fees in national parks;
 the stories and services of a guide;
 services of a photographer.
 From the center of Almaty you will go on a three-day tour to the Altyn-Emel National Park.
 First day
 You will go to the Altyn Emel park, which means “Golden Saddle”. There is a legend that Genghis Khan being in these places, noticed mountains in the shape of a saddle, illuminated by the setting sun, and exclaimed: “the golden saddle”. From this time, everyone knows this place as “Altyn Emel”.
 The national park was opened in 1996. It has a huge number of plants, animals, birds, reptiles, fish, protected by law.
 On the way to Altyn Emel there is an opportunity to see the Kapchagai "sea", which was formed as a result of a dam construction for a hydroelectric power station on the Ili River. Also passing through the city of Kapchagai, travelers have the opportunity to see “Kazakhstan Las Vegas” with a huge number of palaces of various architectural styles used as casinos.
 On arrival in Baschi village - the official center of the National Park Altyn Emel - hotel accommodation, lunch, rest. Next trip to the Singing sand dune.
 On the way to the Singing sand dune you will see kulans, gazelles, foxes and other wild animals of the National Park. The height of the Singing Dune is 150 meters. This is an amazing opportunity to climb to the top and slide down and hear the sounds of vibrating quartzite sand crystals.
 There is a legend that the sounds of the sand dune are the moan of the evil spirit that is inside the dune. On the way to the sand dune there is an opportunity to stop at a stream with clear cool water, which Chokan Valikhanov visited.
 Dinner, overnight.
 Second day
 Breakfast and departure to Aktau and Katutau.
 Aktau Mountains - Cretaceous mountains, originally more than 300 million years ago, were the bottom of the world's oceans, formed tectonically 25 million years ago.
 The stunning color of sedimentary rocks and the shape of the slopes of the Aktau gorge, formed by erosion, make the visit unforgettable.
 At the end of the excursion to the Aktau gorge - lunch (lunch).
 Further, the continuation of the journey with a stop at Katutau is the only place in Kazakhstan where you can see the result of volcanic activity and take photographs of hardened lava in fantastic forms.
 Returning back to the hotel, tourists visit the house of the huntsman, immersed in the shadow of 700-year-old willows. There is a legend that Genghis Khan also rested under these trees.
 The amazing pond is very impressive, filled with clear, transparent water and surrounded by thickets of Turanga, the oldest tree that has been growing here since the times of glaciation.
 Dinner and overnight.
The third day
Breakfast and departure to Almaty.
Brief stop for viewing the so-called "lunar landscape".
Farther along the road, it is possible to see the villages where the Uigurs live, the fields and gardens of our famous Apport and apricot.
or on the third day, according to another program on the way to Almaty it is possible to visit the Charyn Canyon.