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About us

Our company began its activity in 1990 with the name Asia Tourism LLP, in 2009, due to the expansion of the scope of activities, it was renamed into Asia Great LLP.

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The founder of the company and the first director of the company was Rinat Khaibullin, a well-known climber - an honored master of sports, a master of sports of international class.


The main activity of the company in the initial period was the organization of ascents and trekking in the Central Tien Shan in the area of Khan Tengri peaks 7010 m and Pobeda peak 7436 m, where the Akkol base camp was built.

The base camp accommodated up to 100 tourists at the same time, places in cottages up to 50 people and a tent camp for 50 people.

The helipad was equipped with tanks for fuel and lubricants and everything necessary for organizing a flight to the Southern and Northern high-altitude base camp located on the Inylchek glacier


A dining room for meals and holding common events, there was a bathhouse and a sports ground.

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