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Issyk lake and Turgenskiy waterfall

You will visit:

• Golden Man Museum
Museum of the Golden Man is a museum-reserve, located on the territory of the Sakskiy kurgan, where the golden man was found.

• Issyk lake
Issyk is a lake in the Issyk gorge of the Zailiyskiy Alatau, about 40 km. to the east of Almaty, in the south-west of the Enbekshikazakh district of the Almaty region of Kazakhstan. It was formed about 8-10 thousand years ago as a result of a big mountain collapse.

• Turgenskiy waterfall «Medvezhiy» 
Medvezhiy waterfall is located on the territory of the Ile-Alatau National Park, at an altitude of 1,559 meters above sea level and belongs to the Turgenskiy waterfalls. It forms its small river Turgen, breaking from a cliff from 30-meter height.

Your journey
The surroundings of Almaty are rich in historical and natural sights. Choosing this excursion, you can visit the museum-reserve of the Issyk city, where a golden man was found, a beautiful lake and a tumultuous Medvezhiy waterfall, as well as visit Assy plateau and an ostrich farm or trout farm.

Tour details
Duration - 1 day;
when to visit - April-October;
Issyk Lake is 40 km. far from Almaty;
transport - comfortable bus/ car;
Important information:
wear comfortable clothes and shoes;
take sunglasses, sun protection cream.
Tour inclusions:
transfer to Issyk Lake, Turgen waterfalls and back;
the stories and services of a guide;
services of a photographer.


From the city center of Almaty you will go on an excursion to the beautiful surroundings rich in historical and natural sights. One of these places is Lake Issyk. Almost all the mountain lakes of the Northern Tien Shan emerged tectonically - after the mountain lands that formed natural dams.
Lake Issyk for many years was a place of elite recreation of citizens, but the terrible mudflow of 1963 destroyed it. Subsequently, it was restored and again turned into one of the most frequently visited holiday destinations.
On the way to Lake Issyk, tourists have opportunity to visit the archaeological monuments of Saks culture - “burial mounds” and the “Golden Man” museum, which has become a symbol of Kazakhstan.
Continuing their journey, tourists visit the Turgen gorge with a huge choice of places to rest on the river bank. Lovers of active hiking can visit several mountain waterfalls. The closest and easily accessible of them is the 30-meter-long Medvezhiy waterfall. Kairak waterfall (55 meters) is located 8 kilometers from the foresters’ village Batan and those who want to see it must plan its visit separately.
Fishing lovers can visit the trout farm and catch rainbow trout.
Farther the road leads to the Assy plateau. The amazing view on jailau with a lot of yurts is impressive. Panoramic images of the alpine zone with snowy mountain peaks and a high-altitude observatory are kept by all the tourists.
On the way back, tourists can visit the Ostrich Farm and see exotic birds. Those interested can try ostrich meat or scrambled eggs from a huge ostrich egg.