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Trekking *Akkol base-Akkol lake

• Akkol Lake
Akkol Lake is located in the Zhambyl region. "Ak Kol" is translated from Kazakh as "a white lake". It is located about 3 kilometers southwest from Akkol village, that is the center of Talas district. The lake occupies 36 square kilometers. Depth varies from 3 to 5 meters. The Assa river flows through the lake. The lake freezes from December to March. You can catch carp, alabuga and other fish there. The Akkol Lake is a popular destination.

Trekking *Akkol сamp - Ashutor pass - Akkol camp, 3-4 days, distance 40 km, maximum altitude 3725 meters.

1-st day
We leave Almaty in the direction of Khorgos, the beginning of movement on the paid highway. In general, the road to Akkol camp is about 370 km.
After about 110 km, turn right in front of Chilik towards Kegen town and move in the direction to Narynkol town.
Before reaching Narynkol town about two kilometers turn right towards the village of Dzhambul – keep going about 20 km. We pass Dzhambul, then Karatugan village. So we reach the frontier post № 1 Bayankol for 10 km.
After checking the documents, we drive through the outpost in the direction to the Akkol River to Akkol camp, about two kilometers more. Height there is 2300 meters above sea level.
We have lunch and go trekking along the Akkol river. We move southwards along the forest scenic zone to the moraine lake Akkol, where the height is 3080 meters above sea level. Here we set up tents and spend the night.

2-nd day
We continue to move along the gorge in the south-east direction to the Ashutor pass. Height there is 3,725 meters above sea level. Then we move another 5 kilometers, gaining height of 700 meters. After it we start going down from the pass to the Ashutor river - distance of 9 kilometers. We camp the second time at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level. From the pass there is a magnificent view of the peaks of Khan Tengri, 7010 m, Victory Peak, 7 3439 meters, panorama of the Marble Wall peaks, Karlytau, Semenova, Bayankol.
Dinner. Overnight stay.

3-rd day
We continue going northwards along the Ashutor river to the Akkol camp. The distance on this day is 20 km. You can also make a camp for the night, and return back on the 4th day, it depends on the desire of the group.