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Hot-water springs

 You will visit:

• Hot-water springs near Chundga village 
 Hot-water springs are located 300 km from the city of Almaty in the vicinity of Chundzha village. The springs are located in the valley between the bank of the Ili River and the Ketmen Mountains. The hot-water springs of Chundzha are divided into warm (20-37 ° C), hot (37-50 ° C) and very hot (50-100 ° C). There are many recreation centers and sanatoriums in the area. 
 Your journey
 Choosing this tour you will go to health resorts of Almaty region. Hot-water springs, or thermal waters, are numerous in the vicinity of the village of Chundzha. Thermal springs are used as a folk remedy for many ailments since ancient times. The costs for recreation vary depending on the choice of recreation center or sanatorium. 
 Tour details
 Duration - 2-5 days;
 when to visit - October-February;
 hot-water springs are 300 km. from Almaty;
 transport - comfortable bus/ car;
 Important information:
 Radon baths are contraindicated for people with radiation sickness at any stage, as well as for  those whose work involves staying in the radioactive zone.
 Tour inclusions:
 transfer to the hot-water springs and back;
 accommodation (in a sanatorium);
 the stories and services of a guide;
 services of a photographer.

 From the city center of Almaty you will go to health resorts, located in the territory of hot-water springs. The water there is heated by active volcanic processes up to a temperature of 36-50 ° C, and in some cases up to 100 ° C. You can choose different procedures based on the therapeutic effect of radon - from inhalations to baths. Such procedures have a great healing effect.
 Thermal springs are used as a folk remedy for many ailments since ancient times. It is believed that thermal waters have a healing effect on the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, skin diseases, cardiovascular system, and even improve reproductive health. However, radon baths are contraindicated for people with radiation sickness.
 There is also a natural monument of national importance in the area of ​​Chundzha village. It is a relic grove of Sogdian ash, where nature has been preserved in its original form and charms with its beauty. 
 The choice of sanatorium and duration is agreed with the tourist.