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Almaty city tours

In this section, we offer you excursions around Almaty. A trip to Almaty is a great opportunity to learn many interesting things about the former capital of Kazakhstan, its history, culture and nature. Depending on the time you have and your interests, you can choose different excursions.

Trips vary in duration – from several hours to a whole day, they can be individual and group, on foot or by bus / car and even on an electric scooter.

Choosing excursions from this section you will get acquainted with the numerous sights of the city, learn more about the history of the Kazakh people from ethno-tour, admire Almaty at night, or perhaps go to Medeo, Shymbulak and Kok-Tobe.

Almaty suburbs and region tours

From this section, you will get information about excursions to the most picturesque places in the suburbs of the city of Almaty and Almaty region, with an average duration of 1-2 days.

From all regions of Kazakhstan, relatively monotonous in climatic characteristics, the Almaty region is very diverse.

The region, located between the lake Balkhash and the Zailiyskiy Alatau mountains, includes five climatic zones. Such conditions are equally suitable for the development of agriculture and cattle breeding. Here you can see everything: rivers changing by sands, mountains with their peaks in the sky, passing into green plains and golden steppes. The territory of the region includes two reserves and five natural parks.

Choosing excursions from this section you will admire majestic mountains, unique Charyn canyon, mysterious rock paintings, the most beautiful mountain lakes, sand dunes etc.


A ski-tour is a type of outdoor activity, which is the passage of routes on special skis over rough terrain with ascents and descents. This is a combination of a mountain and a regular hiking ski trip. A ski tour allows you to ski on slopes that cannot be reached by lift. The entire route is covered by skiing and walking.

Skis for such a trip have a special mechanism – a camus, which prevents slipping of the foot and special fastenings that prevent the heel from coming off the ski when climbing uphill.

Ski-tours are available from December to March (incl.).

We organize various ski-tours in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.


In this section you can get acquainted with trekking routes of mountain excursions to the Big Almaty gorge, the Alma-Arasan gorge, the Butakovka gorge, the Small Almaty gorge. This is a great opportunity to get to know the mountains of the Zailiyskiy Alatau.

Going on a trekking you are moving on a mountainous, rugged terrain with a guide. Often, this is not sports tourism, but recreational, if it is not a part of a mountain climbing activity.


This section will acquaint you with a variety of routes for climbing the peaks of the mountains of Almaty region: Amangeldy, Pioneer, BAP, Pila, Ozerniy, Karnizniy, Almaty-Alagir.

Mountain climbing is the most exciting and fascinating type of tourism.

Mountain climbing is an opportunity to test yourself and overcome your fears. Although even before going to the snowy peaks, the traveler should objectively evaluate his athletic training and physical condition. Travelers must adapt and acclimatize to the mountainous area before climbing. When climbing, you may encounter low temperatures, scorching sun, dry air, and low oxygen in the air.

Most popular places to visit

Walking excursion

A two-hour walking tour will get you acquainted with rich history of Almaty and allow you to visit its main attractions, ancient and modern. You will also learn about local traditions and feel the extraordinary flavor of the “southern capital of Kazakhstan”.

Big Almaty lake

Big Almaty lake is a high-mountain reservoir located in Zailiysky Alatau at an altitude of 2511 meters, 15 km. south of the center of Almaty.
The Ayusai River waterfalls are located on the left tributary of the Big Almatinka River, which flows along granite ledges and forms cascades of waterfalls of different height.

Ski-tour in Karkara, Kyrgyzstan

This 9-days tour will give you an opportunity to feel Kyrgyz mountains spirit. There can be installed handmade Yurts for those who want to experience hospitality and culture of people in Kyrgyzstan.

Free volunteer-guides on request

On prior request, you can also get free services of Russian and English-speaking volunteer guides in Almaty. Our services in the following directions – guide-translator, walking tour (2 hours), car tour (3 hours), excursion to the Big Almaty Lake. You pay only transport costs, entrance fees to museums/ cable cars, environmental fees to national parks for yourself and for guide.