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Trekking Kok Zhaylau — Three Brothers — Peak Kumbel

Kok Zhailau (KZh)
Kok Zhaylau in Kazakh language means green pastures.
Zhailau Kok (2244 m.) Is located between the Little and Big Almaty gorge, under a mountain Kumbel (3185 m.)

The route — from the holiday home «Prosveshenets»
To reach the city of Almaty by bus №6. Go along the asphalt road to the end.
Then continue the way along a dirt road to a small village. On the outskirts of the village in the north-west is a well trodden path leading to the saddle. You have to go on this road to the saddle, which follow the ridge up to the plateau Kok Zhailau.
There’s a well-trodden path, so do not get lost. The road will take 1.5 — 3 hours.

The route from the Big Almaty gorge.
Coming from the city of Almaty by bus №28 on Dulati street (continued Navoi street) to the post of Ile Alatau National Park (eco post) about 10 km.
Just behind the eco post turn left across the bridge towards the village and gorge Kokshoky Tersbutak River (formerly. Kazachka). There will be a small but very picturesque gorge. Just go on the road to the hotel Kumbel and up until the end of the road, where there is a barrier, and parking (all on the eco post about 5 km).
Further up the trail through the gorge. It is important to go to the very end — Kok Zhailau. The rise is very light and gentle, but it’s the long way (takes an hour 2-4). As it is best to go down.

Route from Kamensky plateau.
Coming by bus №5 to its final stop, the sanatorium «Ak-Cain.» From the entrance to the resort be sent to the Institute of Astrophysics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Observatory Kamensky plateau). From here move up the ridge in a southeasterly direction. Comb is not very steep, so do not go astray. Straight up along the ridge. The map will be clearer. The road will take 1.5 — 3 chasa.Kok Zhailau route Kamensky Plateau

Route to Three Brothers — Peak Kumbel.
Prosveshenets (1593 m) — Plateau Zhaylau Kok (2244 m) — the rocks Three Brothers (2846 m) — Kumbel peak (3185 m)
Fans can only go up to the plateau Kok Zhaylau — a distance of 4.3 km, climb 651 meters.
More prepared to rocks Three Brothers — the distance of 7.36 km, climb 1253 meters.
Prepared to Pick Kumbel — Distance 9.09 km, climb 1592 m.
With three brothers and a Kumbel peak you can descend into the gorge «Zakumbele» then Kazachka river towards Kokshoky village.