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Trekking Aksay and Kaskelen lakes

Trekking Aksay and Kaskelen lakes.

Route: Aksay gorge — Mynzhylki gorge — Aksay lakes — pass 3700 — Lake Kazachka — Kaskelen gorge.

1st day:

We drive along the upper Kaskelen road before turning to Koklaksai, turn left, about 9 km to Koklaksai, then descend to the Aksai gorge to the forestry barrier. Further on foot to the pioneer camp, about 800 meters, there lives a forester who needs to show a forest ticket (to issue a forest ticket in advance to the HNP) or pay a passage to him.

Further we move along the river Aksai along a good path. The first night in front of the     gorge Mynzhylki, on the left along the road there are hills with good grounds for tents. In total, the transition is 14 km.


Hilly Valley

Aksai River

 2nd day.


We pass the river Aksay above the inflow of the river Mynzhylki, we move up the gorge Mynzhylki to the first Aksay lake 3300 m. the transition is  about 8 km. Overnight at the lake. Good grounds.  After lunch, we take a   alk to the secondand third lakes. We rise to the jumper near the Aksai horseshoe.



                                                                                                 3rd day.

View of the lake from the pass

We begin the ascent to the pass3700 m. The pass is a stone-dangerous one, we start moving, sticking to the right side of the. Gorge along the way. Then cross the traverse to the left side under the walls. We leave on the pass, a kind on lake Kazachie. We go down to the lake, lunch.After lunch, continue descending the wide valley of South Kazachki almost to the confluence with the Kaskelen River (notreaching 3 km), good  grounds for tents. The height of 2150 m. The transition is 17 km.

Pass 3700 m

Rise to the pass

Lake Kazachka

 4th: Day

Descent to the Kaskelen River

Camp by the river

We go down to the Kaskelen River for 3 km, then along the river to the second forester, there is a barrier and the end of the route, check of the border guards, and have identification cards with  you. The passage is 7 km.