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Trekking from «Chimbulak» (2240 m) to the Glaciological Station of the Institute of Geography «Tuyuk Su-T1 Glacier» (3455 m)

The distance is 9.1 km (from Chimbulak to station T1), climbing 1215 m.
District: Zailiysky Alatau, SNPE Ile-Alatau, Small Almaty Gorge, Medeu, SC Shymbulak.
On personal transport or by bus №6 from Almaty we reach the sports rink «Medeu». With «Medeu» on a minibus, which leaves every 15 minutes, the price is one way 300 tenge (for pensioners 150 tenge), we reach the «Shymbulak».
The path starts from the SC «Shymbulak». Along the way we pass the alpinist camp «Tuyuksu», the rocky clamp «Gate Tuyuksu» (in winter from the slope of Peak Oktyabrenok avalanches are possible along the corridors (gutters), which must be crossed as quickly as possible, and the weather station «Mynzhylki» rises up to the mud-proof dam.
We continue the movement past the abandoned house of the State Institution «Kazselezaschita» and the remains of the T34 tank on the road to the South.
The road goes serpentine to the glaciological station of the Institute of Geography «Tuyuksu-T1 Glacier», this is at the base of the Molodezhny Glacier tongue, which drains from the northern ice slope of Molodezhny Peak (4147 m), here you can see a panorama of all the peaks of Tuyuk Su gorge.
Glaciological station of the Institute of Geography «Tuyuksu-T1 Glacier» was founded in 1956. It is one of the oldest glaciological stations in the world. When, after the Great Patriotic War, Soviet glaciologists built their houses almost in the «language» of the glacier, no one could have imagined that after five decades the ice would retreat by several hundred meters.