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Uralsk is one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan located in the European part of the country. It is located between the right bank of the middle reaches of the river Ural (Yaik) and the left bank of the lower reaches of the Chagan River, in the steppe plain with steep river cliffs. The first settlements appeared thanks to the town Yaik trade route passing through the land in 1584. Later, in 1591 Cossacks have taken the citizenship of Russia, and began construction of the Cossack settlements near the city. Then in 1773 Yaik Cossacks became the center of people’s war under the leadership of Emelyan Pugachev. After the defeat of the rebels in 1775 by Empress Catherine II ordered to rename the city Yaitsky Uralsk. By passing Cossacks lived in the city of Tatars and Tatar settlement existed. Many Tatars served in the army and were officers. The main occupation of the town were cattle, melon and red fish fisheries which gave the main income of the city. In 1846, Uralsk was added to the category of large cities, becoming a major trading center. Until the XX century Uralsk considered the administrative center of the Ural region, the capital of the Ural Cossack troops and was part of the Orenburg province. A great impetus to the development of the railway was called Ryazan-Ural drawn to the city in 1894. By passing the rapid prosperity of the factories, the appearance of the locomotive depot was the acceleration of the labor movement. In 1905 in Uralsk are social democratic and Kazakh national organizations. Before the Revolution, the city had 15 churches, 4 mosques, museum, theater, several libraries and hospitals, a gymnasium, a lot of schools, school and teacher’s seminary. During the Civil War Uralsk at the center of the fighting, and was subjected to a prolonged siege by the white Ural army. As part of one of the red parts of the fighting for the city, and was the future Marshal Zhukov SS. During the Second World War the ruling Supreme Council of the Stalingrad Front Uralsk becomes frontal area and point air defense of the country. The town was evacuated 14 industrial enterprises working in the front and 20 military hospitals. Now considered unique Uralsk liquorice (licorice) plant that uses grows in the steppe regions of liquorice. Produced by the plant extract and licorice powder is used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The city is built, but expands monuments remain unchanged. The most significant history of the region gathered in the museum of the city, which was created in the middle of the XIX century traveler MK Kurilin. Uralsk is the administrative center of West Kazakhstan region and occupies the northern part of the Caspian depression. Modern Uralsk- beautiful city with a developed infrastructure, surrounded by a green belt of forests and the beautiful shores of the Ural River. With a population of over 230 thousand people.