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Tour Taraz

City Taraz originated in the VI century, thus considered to be one of the most ancient cities of Kazakhstan. In the history of the city is not just changed its name. His first name was Taraz or as it is called Talas, after the river flowing through the city, as it was called the «city of merchants» because he was the center of the steppe part of the Great Silk Road. He was then Yangi-Taraz, Aulie-Ata, Mirzoyan, Zhambyl, and only in 1997, presidential decrees city returned to its original name. On the banks of the Talas located skillful master silkworms whose silk is not no way inferior to the Chinese and Indian brocade. Just great skill achieved and jewelers. Pick your formation Taraz reached in X-XII centuries, it was then that he was known as the capital of Karakhanids. His prestige Experienced say the remains of architectural structures and mausoleums of Karahan Davudbek, cobbled streets and products of skilled craftsmen found during excavations. In 1220 Genghis Khan’s troops laid siege to the city and destroyed it, turning the city into ruins. Only after 500 years, the city began to revive again. The population was engaged in craft and trade. Not far from the modern Taraz is mausoleums Babaji Khatun (X-XI centuries.) And Aisha-Bibi (XI-XII centuries.) Are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. At the beginning of the XIX century the city had over 20 mosques and 3 churches. The oldest part of the city, located on the left bank of the river Talas, Central Market area is now completely hidden and existing buildings. Taraz large industrial city and the administrative center of Zhambyl region, as it is the center of chemical and sugar production. The population for 2015 was more than 350 thousand people.