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Taldy Korgan

Taldykorgan city was established on the basis of the village Gavrilovka, which was founded in the 2nd half of XIX century. In 1770, in the north-eastern part of the valley where the river Karatal Karatal makes a sharp turn to the west appeared the first settlements. Their inhabitants were not «obedient» village of Karabulak. From the stories of old residents of Karabulak Ataman angry with disgruntled, he sent a few farm families. Later, he grew and was named the village of Gavrilovka. In the wake of the first villagers went to their relatives and friends. We build houses enclosed by a fence. Little by little, the streets began to grow. People engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. With the development of subsistence farming, were formed commercial and economic relations. Among the population has begun the process of separation, began to stand out more affluent residents. They bought the land for the construction of the mills and oil mills. On the outskirts housed several forges for the manufacture and repair of equipment. On the market square were located pubs, several retail shops and honey. paragraph. According to administrative division of the village it was part of the county Kanalskogo Turkentskogo governor-general. In the administration of parish village headman control input, clerk, justice of the peace, and postal and telegraph clerk. After the February Revolution which overthrew Nicholas Romanov came to power and the provisional government of Kerensky. The village parish Gavrilovo instead of the king’s management came to local businesses and merchants. The tactics of doing business have not changed and that many do not like, and they supported the idea of freedom. In 1917, the advanced workers in alliance with the poorest peasants disarmed the guard team and arrested the provisional government. And power passed into the hands of the Revolutionary Committee. According to the data preserved in the archives in 1917 had a population of more than 3 thousand people. In the center are located two Orthodox churches at one of their parish school. In 1921 Kapalsky County was renamed as Taldykorgan composed Dzhetysuyskoy province. Decree Semirechensk Executive Committee in May 1921, the village was renamed Gavrilovo Taldykorgan. Later, in 1930 in the center of Taldy-Kurgan district of the Almaty region. And the status of the city Taldy -Kurgan received in 1944. In 2001 it became the center of Almaty region. Now the city is growing and developing, with the population on 01.01.2015 about 150 thousand people.