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Sports Entertainment Center Medeo

Sports Entertainment Center Medeo
(Tezisno option).
The work plan of the first phase.

1. Survey district activities SRP honey.
2. Development of a conceptual design and arrangement of the center’s activities.
3. Development of the budget of the investment project (conceptual design, preliminary cost estimates of building).

The project concept.

Organization of hiking trails SRP Medeo different levels of complexity.
Organization of bicycle paths of various levels of complexity.
Organization of horse riding trails.
Options for hiking trails, horse riding trails and bicycle paths (routes and photo card on www.guides.kz site):
1. Medeo — Peak Furmanovka — Medeo, 7 km away, climb 1390 m.
2. Medeo — Pass Kim Asar Small — Butakovka — Kim Asar Large — Medeo, distance 10 km, climb 850 m.
3. Medeo — Kim Asar Small — Gorge Butakovka — Butakovka Falls — Medeo, distance to the Falls 6.3 km, climb 540 m.
4. Trekking Medeo — Almatau, a distance of 8.8 km, climb 1000 m.

Technical requirements of the project

Construction of hiking trails and bicycle paths to produce, taking into account a comfortable and safe movement of tourists, as well as the movement of people with disabilities.
Develop a design sketch and determine where to install the necessary signs along the route.
Develop a design sketch and determine where to install the necessary information boards along the route.
Prepare a preliminary design of pavilions and recreation, determine a safe and comfortable place of their installations.
Identify construction waste storage based on environmental and natural design, provide operating costs for the sanitary maintenance of waste storage.
Develop projects of safe recreational structures along the routes of tourists (swing, sleyk line, etc..) To provide anti-vandal and security use
Develop design and benches recreational facilities.
Develop a website and a mobile application for information support for tourists.

Options photo hiking trails and recreational equipment designs.