Sports federations of Kazakhstan

My “story” about sports federations of Kazakhstan.
The first Federation, which I started to organize in the post-perestroika period, was the Federation of Mountaineering and Rock Climbing of the Republic of Kazakhstan (FAiS RK), we registered it in the Ministry of Justice of the RK, then the conference chose Ilyinsky. President of the Federation. This was in May 2001.

Документы ФАиС РК

Then Ilyinsky was re-elected to Baglan Zhunusov, during the period of Baglan’s work, the FAiS of the RK received maximum development. Achievements during Zhunusov’s work in administrative and sports activities, this is an additional report.
After Baglan Zhunusov, Kazbek Valiyev was elected to the post of president, the results of the work of the FAiS of the RK during the period of Valiyev’s work are also a separate issue.
To date, I participated in the organization of several Federations – in mountaineering, climbing and skyranning.
The topic of today’s publication is the normative legal basis for the creation and activities of the sports federation, this normative is valid not only for mountaineering, climbing and skyranning, but also for other sports in Kazakhstan.
The basic laws of the organization and activities of the sports federation are the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Sport and the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Non-Profit Organizations.
Few people are interested in studying laws, rules and regulations in sports, so I sampled the basic principles of the federation.
1. The federation is the authorized body of athletes for the state, i.e. through the federation we can work with the state, namely with the Department of Culture and Sports of the city or the region – to receive funding for training fees for athletes, travel expenses for competitions, equipment, construction of sports facilities, amend the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and much more in the current legislation .
2. The federation is organized by athletes and other persons interested in the development of sport.
3. The President and the Presidium of the Federation elect a conference – this is a general meeting of athletes and other interested persons, by voting.
4. The Federation develops regulations on the presidium, on the coaching council, on commissions, competition rules, the calendar of competitions and other sports regulatory documents necessary for the development of sports.
5. The revenues of the federation are sponsor investments, athletes’ membership fees (only when the general meeting of athletes is decided), public funding, starting fees and other sources not prohibited by law.
6. Expenses of money, the president of the federation, can only do on articles approved by the general meeting of athletes – members of the federation.
7. A member of the federation can be any person who shares goals and tasks of the federation and who has reached the age of 18.
8. Report on revenues and expenditures of the federation, must be submitted to all athletes – members of the federation on a regular basis.
9. The coaching board includes all coaches of the city or region.
10. The Coaching Board determines the list of athletes eligible for state funding for travel.
11. The Coaching Council determines the list of the leading sportsmen who have the right to receive the state scholarship of the athlete.
12. The minutes of the decisions of the coaching council are published on the federation’s website.
13. Each year, the federation generates an estimate of the costs of athletes’ travel, sports facilities rent, competitions, then presents and defends estimates in local executive bodies (local executive bodies do not have the right to refuse financing the activities of an accredited federation, especially Olympic sports).
14. The Federation is obliged to initiate state programs for the development of its sport, for example, a budget investment program for the construction of a climbing wall.


My “story” about sports federations of Kazakhstan, continued.
And how is the OYL “Federation of Sports Climbing of Almaty” actually arranged and working?
1. The federation should be created all together by athletes and coaches, but the federation of sport climbing in Almaty was created by only 2 people, this is the Honored trainer of the USSR in mountaineering. (“OF Kazakhstani Mountain Club”) and “TRAVERSE IMPERIAL” LLP, the only founder of the Deyaterikov Andrei Vladimirovich – the husband of the CSKA coach for rock climbing Margarita Devyaterikova.
Those. 2 people gathered, did not say a word to anyone, they published the charter and the memorandum of association and registered with the Ministry of Justice.
2. The President was to be elected at the general meeting of rock-climbers in Almaty.
But here they sat down again, decided together, and they decided to appoint Maxut Zhumayev, the famous alpinist of Kazakhstan, the serviceman of CSKA,
3. We collected the constituent documents, came to the Sports Department of the Akimat of Almaty (Honored Coach of the USSR for mountaineering Ilyinsky ET and Honored Mountaineer of Kazakhstan Zhumaev M.), and they say, we are from rock climbers in Almaty, we need accreditation, with this The weight of accreditation was issued quickly!
4. Now the federation needs income, they decided – an entrance fee for the members of the federation is 50 thousand tenge and an annual contribution of 30 thousand tenge, otherwise to the Championship of the RoK on rock climbing is not permissible (this is the right of the accredited federation), all ingenious is simple!
Organize city competitions, finance athletes for the Championships of the RK, build a sports simulator in the city and much more – here of course 2 people can not cope, well, I think we need to help the guys move the good cause, called Zhumayev Maksut, they talked, he promised to solve the questions with Ilyinsky and Margarita Devyaterikova.
A month passed, silence, I again called, again we met.
A month later they met again, again there is no sense.
Met Margarita Devyaterikova, talked, she promised to decide, a month – silence.
Ilyinsky telephoned E.T. – offered cooperation, he refused to meet.
Neither they want to accept me or our coaches either as members of the federation or in the coaching council, it is understandable, then it will be necessary to solve all the issues together, and even millions will come to the account of the federation, and then it will be divided.
I write this not for the purpose of criticizing the actions of Ilyinsky, Nine and Zhumayev, they are confident in the correctness of their decisions and actions, my goal is to protect the interests of their children, the climbers whose children I train, the interests of my friends of coaches and climbers.
Maxut Zhumayev, your sporting activity is just beginning, and you have a chance to correct the current situation, and not to become a young corrupt official in sport, hold an open city conference at the choice of the President of the Rock Climbing Federation, accept a fair position, you often appear before the children in schools and on the rostrum, so be an example for our youth and as an alpinist and as a public figure.