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Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Segway Almaty

Segway Almaty
Tour description:
You have the incredible opportunity to combine an exciting ride Segway c story of the guide about the history and development of Almaty, as well as attractions that will meet you on the route, including the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Presidential Palace, Republic Square, Independence Monument, sports and cultural center of the city, the opera and ballet Theatre. Abay Square of Astana. Invented in 2001 godu Segway (Segway) has no motor in the conventional sense, nor steering control, audio transmissions, or even brakes. Segway is controlled by using the computer by moving the center of gravity voditelya.Proehav on a pedestrian street segment Zhibek Zholy, the so-called «Almaty Arbat», where a place was chosen professional and amateur artists offering their works for sale, you reach the next trip point — Park them. 28-Panfilov Guardsmen. Having got acquainted with the history of one of the oldest of Almaty parks, which is perhaps the most photographed building in the city — Holy Ascension Cathedral, as well as the Memorial of Glory and Eternal Flame, you have completed your tour of the Almaty Segway at the «business card» of the city of Almaty — Hotel Kazakhstan.