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Petropavlovsk is the northernmost city in Kazakhstan and has its origins in 1752. In 1740, the tsarist government in the face of Elizabeth considered the grim situation, due to the devastating raids Jungars formed on the West Siberian borders, decides to start construction of a new chain of military fortifications south of the Ishim line. And already in 1752 to the tract on the Ishim River expedition moved out about two thousand people. Two steep ravine and the steep coast of the breadth of 47 meters Ishim outputs to create a natural barrier inhibiting the raiders. Expeditions had to build the fortress of St. Peter and two small strengthening midday swan. The total area of the fortress wall was 1.3 km. In the fortress there were barracks, stables, churches, and others. Premises. Hard work, the early cold and malnutrition afflict men, this has led to frequent illnesses and shoots people. Kazakh population belonged to the construction approval, seeking to establish friendly relations with the Russian. The demand for bread served occupancy of land by peasants around the fortress. Soldiers also received the right to build houses outside the fortress. Little by little, the streets began to grow. For safety suburb borders were surrounded by fencing. In 1759 he opened the first school. Since the fortress prevailed militarily, wooden earthen ramparts were replaced. Later it was reconstructed barracks. A growing commercial class, as the fortress became a major political center Priishimya. In 1781, for the connection of the right and the left bank of the Ishim River bridge was built. Construction of the mosque began in 1784. In 1807, the fort was renamed the city of Petropavlovsk. The population census in 1897 showed that the population of 19,700 people in Petropavlovsk. Today Petropavlovsk is an administrative center of the North-Kazakhstan region. Population on 01.01.2015 was 210 thousand people.