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Peak Shkolnik 1b (3671 m).

Description of the route.
The last, most significant elevation of the Azutau crest is the peak Shkolnik, located between the passes of Abay (3650m) and Talgar (3200m). Its eastern slopes are badly damaged, they descend to the lateral moraine of the Bogdanovich glacier, to the north stretches a rocky crest descending sharply to the saddle of the Talgar Pass, to the west and northwest, a few spurs, separated by deep ancient carpages, fan out. The glaciation does not have a top.
The original bivouac is convenient to organize in the Talgar Pass, near the lake. From here go out to the left lateral moraine of the Bogdanovich glacier. Exit to the ridge along the couloir, go in the south-west direction. After the second rock tower (both are left) move along the eastern side of the ridge. The rocks are strong, alternating with scree areas.
10-meter gendarme manages to the right of the plate with an exit under the wall, then go to the gendarme through the crevice. After descending from it, move the hard rocks to the southwest. Rounding the ridge from the south, climb to the top. Descent along the path of ascent. Climbing takes 6 — 7 hours.
The first ascent to the summit in 1937 was made by Alma-Ata mountain climbers L. Ignatiev, B. Lobanov, S. Semin, D. Tuganbaev under the leadership of V. Zimin