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The foundation of the city of Pavlodar was founded in 1720 under the name Koryakovskovsky outpost produced in the Irtysh Koryakovskom Lake, named in honor of the adjacent salt warehouses. The outpost had a square shape and had only 50 people. And only 25 years later, it has expanded its borders. In 1861, at the initiative of the local village merchants built in the rank of the city, which was named in honor of Pavlodar newborn Prince Paul. Convenient location of the city, the presence of rivers, industrial salt production — all this led to the rapid growth of the city. In 1868 he became a district center of Pavlodar, Semipalatinsk region. Then were based ship repair workshops, as well as built the first mill. Later, in the early XIX century there were around 80 windmills. In the center to equip know osobniki had built himself, and closer to the pier housed retail shops and warehouses. By the early 20th century Pavlodar became one of the largest cities on the Irtysh River. Today Pavlodar is one of the biggest industrial cities in Kazakhstan, accounting for about 5 working plants. With a population of about 340 thousand people.